Anashe Karapetian

Anashe Karapetian, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Anashe has made it her life mission to be the voice for those who have been charged with a crime in our judicial system. Growing up, she witnessed how when life throws a lemon for the underdog, instead of making lemonades, you end up with burning eyes. As such, she made it her mission to be the voice and to fight as hard as she can when defending the underdog. Her passion to seek justice for her clients has made her unstoppable. She does not make false promises and her honest and open communication with her clients is what sets her apart from other criminal defense attorneys.

While in law school, she externed for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, and the Public Defenders' office in Riverside county. Being on both sides of the law gave her the tools she needed to understand how each side thinks, works, and acts. Anashe’s ultimate goal is to see that her criminal defense clients receive little to no time in jail, and she will compile a compelling and persuasive argument to make sure that happens.

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